Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Popp's Topps, It's More Than A Fabulous Name

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When I first heard of this business, I was immediately excited and eager to showcase the work here.  If you are considering family fall pictures....THIS might be the perfect touch to your unique family.
Amanda Popp, a Stamford resident and mom of some adorable kiddos, recently started her own business with the catchy name Popp's Topps (how does that name not make you smile?). 
The hats are crocheted and designed by Amanda as she strives to create a unique and individualized "topp" every time.
She began crocheting just last year under the tutelage of her husband's grandmother, Sally Whitney who has always presented her family with hand made gifts.  The personal touch of a handmade gift propelled Amanda to venture out on her own.
As she began to conceptualize her idea she had to admit there wasn't anything better than a fun hat on a cute baby.  Of course, the hats aren't just for babies. Amanda can make a hat for anyone and she strives to design it to YOUR liking. Pick the colors, give her an idea and she will do her best to customize it just for you.
"My kids inspire me," Amanda said. "I love seeing their adorable little faces surrounded by one of the hats I've made special for them. They get excited to have a new hat too. I also love to see instant gratification. These hats take me about an hour or so to make, so for me, being a mom of three small children three and under I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but when I get a free minute or during nap time, I can pretty much complete a hat, start to finish. INSTANT GRATIFICATION! And if it allows me to make a little money to stay at home even longer with my babies, why not? I also enjoy crocheting, it's a little escape for me."
Amanda is located in Stamford on Kemper Mountain Road and her contact info is:
facebook - Popp's Topps
Cell - 607-643-3629

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