Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photography, An Investment.

Everyone is picking up a camera these days, and why not? It's a beautiful thing!!! I can't even tell you how many articles I have read on the pricing, anchoring and questions about photography and the business it entails. With everyone wanting to be a photographer- it's awfully hard to stay focused and stick to what you love to do.
I have simply come to realize one thing. I want my clients to hire me as an investment into their lives and memories.  I don't want them to compare me to prints at Wal-Mart or the inexpensive photographer down the street with new DSLR who prices well below everyone else in town.
I want the people who come to me to believe that I cherish their time, their visions and that photography is a work of art and a reflection of WHO they are, not just what they are wearing.
How do I do that? That's an evolving journey.  However, I want each person that hires me to feel that they are my ONLY client.  I promptly answer emails, texts and go on location when and where I can.  I eagerly share my ideas and wait to hear about yours.  It's not just a scheduled appointment to get your pictures taken, it's moment set apart to create something amazing.  It's not just another a wedding to get through, it's your wedding and it's an immense responsibility to me to make sure it's all you ever dreamed it would be.
I say all that because I have heard more than once about pricing (not just my own, but others as well).." I just don't get it, it's just a picture".  That's ok though, those aren't my clients :)
When my clients DO ask about pricing, I gladly explain what is entailed and how I run my business.  The shoot may last only an hour, the wedding just a day or two....but the behind the scenes is what hopefully will separate me from the others...including the grocery store prints.
I am so excited for this spring and summer. I plan on spoiling my brides (and grooms) like crazy and indulging in some ideas and photo shoots like never before.  I have so many ideas in my head, I can't wait to unleash them...so get ready folks.... It's gonna be a crazy, fun and creative ride in 2012!!!
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