Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Professional Make Up? It's Time To Pamper Yourself...

Whether it be senior portraits, a boudoir session or your wedding day, it is serious time to consider a professional make up artist.
It's one of the few times in life where you can glam it up and take that extra step into amazing!!!
Jo Boring is especially talented in the art of make up.  She sees the natural beauty every face has to offer and knows just how to enhance it.  I mean, check out that picture! Need I say more?
She can be contacted at and you can be on the look out for her facebook page soon.
 Jo's talent is a gift you can give yourself or splurge for your friend/sister/daughter/wife..whomever!   Contact her for pricing, I think you will find she is one of the diamonds in the rough in this amazing business!!! By the way, if you do meet up with her, you must ask her  to show you a picture of her son, because he seriously has one of the most adorable faces you will ever lay eyes on. :)
Be Inspired!!!
Photograph Credit: Destiny Rogowski of Sweetheart Pinup studio in Buffalo.
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