Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caring Caterers!

I am only going by personal experience on this one, so if you know or recommend another caterer in your area feel free to contact me and let me know at

Catering is a crazy business especially in the wedding industry where good food is demanded and delivery is expected to be right on time.  Not an easy to feat to conquer, but those who do it earn my absolute respect!

Heather Clark owns T.P's cafe in Stamford, NY. I have attended several events in which she has catered. I can say no one has left hungry or disappointed.  She delivers promptly and her food is absolutely delicious.  She has experience in catering large and small venues and her staff is always courteous, kind and helpful. 
I might be a little excited when I arrive on the premise and I know it's her food that coming on in!

Vern's Restaurant In Davenport
My first introduction to Vern's was last year at a wedding reception.  I can't even remember how many different choice there were, but I will admit...I went back for seconds.  Their menu is versatile and their staff was prompt in delivering the food on time.  They are capable of hosting on site parties as well using their own venue for receptions and gathering.
I do remember they had this shrimp salad I fell in love with and the meat they prepared was done just right.

Brooks BBQ
The name speaks for itself. However, no one can go wrong when Brook's comes.  Their family owned operation is phenomenal in it's service and passes any taste test.  The owners are kind and willing to do whatever they can to make sure your event is catered with top notch diligence.
I have never had a piece of chicken or potato salad I didn't enjoy. Best of all, it's service with a smile.

Best Western In Cobleskill

Service here is a must.  The wait staff is efficient and attentive, but they don't monopolize the event. They are always available and I never lacked for food on my plate.  I entertained a chicken parm here and finished every last bite.  The food was fantastic, but even better I watched them accommodate a wedding party that arrived a little later than they were supposed too. Despite the delay, this staff was ready to go, the food was served up with a little extra deliciousness and the evening went beautifully.

Some other places I have enjoyed amazing food and catering services:
Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill
Mallozis Ballroom and Catering in  Schenectady
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