Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Be Afraid of the Word Custom: Check DG Invites and Why Your Wedding Can Be Different!

Whenever I come across something at a wedding I think others should know about I get all excited. I track down where it came from and want to share the information so others can relish in all it's goodness.

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing a rustic, country wedding at Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont for Marissa.  Marissa has a super creative sister (bridesmaid) who own DG Invites. Once I caught wind of the creativity gene I was blown away about how Darci pulled together the entire event through her work. It wasn't just invitations. It was Save the Dates, Invitations, Table Numbers, Ceremony Programs, Escort Cards, Menus, Thank You Cards and the list goes on!
I tracked Darci down and together we worked out the highlights of her amazing work!

Please check out Darci's work on facebook and on her site to get a complete feel for all that she has done!

I asked: What is unique about your work?
Darci:What is and always has been unique about us is that we are TOTALLY custom.  Someone can certainly choose an invite we have done in the past and just change the wording and colors.  However, we like it when people come to us with really unique ideas.  We have done some amazing invites in the past that may have started out with a feeling of uncertainty for sure, but came together in the end.  With almost limitless paper options, several printing options, the ability to order 4 or 462, to layer or not layer, add some kind of pocket, create a special die-cut, add duck feet to their invite....we can do just about anything.  People that are searching for something that is very traditional do no necessarily come to us.  Not to say we don't love creating something that is timeless and classic we do, but we tend to get more "out there" ideas.  Cutout clover escort cards to sit on glasses of Guiness for a St. Patricks Day Wedding; neon pink, orange and green invites for a "Dream in Color" Gala event; disco balls and bowling for a surprise birthday party, sketched drawings of the grooms little white dog who is the "best pet", a combination of snake skin print and peacock feather and I did already mention duck feet right? Yes, duck feet!

I asked: What do you want your clients to know most about you?

Darci: What I really want people to know is that they should not be afraid of the word custom.  Custom means a number of things and it doesn't have to be insanely expensive.  I work really hard to stay within a clients budget and still create an invitation they will love.  There are all kinds of things that can be done that will affect pricing: quantity ordered, type of paper, type of printing, number of layers, number of inserts, any embellishments, pocketfolds and so on.  Can we create a $10.00 boxed, ribbon embellished invite with 3 inserts that are all layered and have raised printing...yes!  We can however also create something beautiful, but much more simple for the client with a smaller budget.

I asked: What do you enjoy most about your work?
Darci: There are a couple things I really enjoy about my work.  One is that I get to stay home with my little man and watch him grow up.  Soon he will be off to preschool and our 2nd little man will be arriving!  With all the things I have experienced along side him working from home I can't imagine what life would be like otherwise and what I would have missed!  The second thing I love is my clients. Yes at times
things can be extremely challenging but in the end I truly love my clients.  The best part by far has got to be when I give them their finished product and if they are local,  seeing their faces light up!  After the hours of work, reviewing designs and colors, getting to that finished product is the greatest feeling.  Seeing how happy they are for what I have created for them, getting lots of hugs (even from grooms), so many thank yous for pure appreciation for all I have done....that is the best feeling ever!  When the reviews and emails come through about how all their guests keep commenting on how amazing their invites are is just the icing on the cake!  It just makes me realize that even when times are tough I do what I do because I love it and other people love it too.

I asked: How did you get started in doing something like this?
Darci: I come from a very crafty and creative family.  So it was only natural for me to in some way be just like them. As a child I would always do small projects with my mother and sell ribbon bracelets along side her at craft shows.  Once I hit college I expanded to designing and creating banners, t-shirts, posters, flyers and so on for my Sorority.  After graduating I took a job with FELD Entertainment. Feld produces Disney on Ice, Disney Live and Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.  I had the privilege of working in product development where we designed all of the items sold at the shows from the lights and swords to the plush characters and vendor uniforms.  I loved that job and it just fueled my passion for design even more.  While there I got engaged, planned my own wedding and designed my own invites. With the motivation from my lovely co-workers & family DG Invites was made least that was the start!

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