Friday, October 11, 2013

My Mom and Dad Never Told Me No….

Did you know that when I was in 7th grade I swore I was going to learn French and live in Paris where I would serve as a missionary and save the world…didn't know the world needed saving from Paris did ya?

I also believed I was going to be a novelist. Write all day, create stories and make a living off of it.

Then I said I was going to play collegiate level soccer, not only that, I wanted to play Division 1 soccer. The fact that I was coming from the second smallest school in NY state never bothered me.

I was also going be a journalist, then a detective at some point. I wanted to be an artist, I just couldn't draw.  My grade school best friend and I wrote our books, stapled them together and created our own library *nerd alert.  Who wouldn't want to check out OUR books!?

I aimed to go to college in the south, 10 hours away from home.  This little country girl? Making that kind of move? please. 

I also wanted to own my own business one day, then I swore I would never own my own business…

I was also pretty sure I would publish a book of short poems, coach the women's' national team , have a family and create an invention. 

I am sure there were more dreams and ideas I had through my childhood, but with every new idea that came into this creative brain, my mom and dad never said no.  They never told me that it was a far cry to go from Jefferson, NY to Lynchburg, VA and play soccer.  They never told me that writing and publishing my own novels was a pipe dream to many and really would never amount to much and that I needed to get a real job.   My mom never stopped me from reading my stories aloud in the kitchen while she cooked, my dad never said running my own business was a ridiculous adventure and tough to be successful at.  They never said I was too much of a people pleaser to be a coach and they never said that going 10 hours away from home would be hard and a culture shock.  

They never told me no.  They guided me. They prayed for me. They didn't fluff me up when I didn't deserve it, they showed me where it would be a hard choice and where things might get difficult.  They just never told me it couldn't be done.

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