Friday, October 25, 2013

NY Photographer: A Wedding Planner Isn't Out of Budget and It Can Save Your Sanity (and a few precious memories)

STRESS: So here is the scenario. It's the day of your wedding. It's THE day. However, you are still running around checking on the cake, your mom is straightening up the flowers and your bridesmaids are still scurrying  to finish the centerpieces.  The groomsmen are running a little late (sorry guys) and you can't find that box with the rings.  Your mom misses you getting into your dress because the caterer had a few questions and some guests were arriving early and needed to know where to put their gifts.  The DJ comes, but isn't sure where to set up and the photographers are wondering where those darn groomsmen are.  The bride isn't ready yet because she is still making sure her flowers have arrived and the guests have some sort of cocktail hour ready to go at 4 p.m. I, as the photographer, have even set down my camera at times to help get things situated in the mayhem of last minute needs.

SANITY:This scenario can be completely eliminated by having a wedding coordinator on the premise to handle ALL the last minute odds and ends. They make sure the DJ is set up, gather the groomsmen, and they handle the one million questions.  A wedding planner doesn't save your sanity, they save your memories.

INSTEAD: While the wedding planner is telling the florist where to go, you have a moment look at yourself in the mirror and realize you are getting married! While the wedding planner is helping the caterer and the DJ, you and your mom have a few moments to cry, hug and say one more I love you.  While the wedding planner is touching up your tables you have some time to giggle and laugh with your girlfriends as nerves settle down.  While she is busy gathering up the groomsmen, the photographer catches a few precious moments as your mom helps you into your dress and for the first time her little girl is a young woman.

Let's face it, for the most part most of us have never planned an event larger than our children's 10th birthday where we had 20 kids over and literally questioned ourselves a million times as to what we were thinking.
Planning a wedding is no small task and for brides and their families it's the first time ever tackling an event larger than a semi-big party.  So it's time, it's time for brides and their families to seriously consider a wedding planner.  You just won't regret it. 

BUDGET: Many people opt out of this idea because they feel it doesn't fit their budget and it's a luxury they can do with out.  I say, a wedding planner is not a luxury, it's truly a gift to give yourself and your family so you can remember your wedding day for what it's meant to be remembered for and nothing less. 

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