Sunday, February 9, 2014

Upstate NY Photographer: The Miracle League Part 1

I have been sitting on this blog post awhile. It's beautifully impossible to correctly choose the words to compose this post. I hope the images will translate.
Back in November, I followed our girls' basketball team to a game in downtown Albany. I drove separately because of work engagements and in my travels got stuck in rush hour traffic.  I sat impatiently staring at the white van ahead of me and the bumper sticker caught my eye. Just a simple with a logo.
It caught my eye, then it caught my heart when I looked it up on line the next day.

 So every Saturday, the Boys and Girls club in East Greenbush,  NY hosts basketball games. You can check them out here: . Volunteers help the physically and mentally challenged, but beautiful human beings play basketball, even Austin (age 7) and Andrew (age 11) are given helpful jobs to do while the games go on.  Please visit the site to get the full backstory.

I want to introduce you to this gem of a program.  It will be the focus of a number of projects to come especially on the side of Amber J Seniors.
For now I would like you to meet: my heart's extension.

Until next time.... I have a very special group of girls for you to meet :)

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