Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have been waiting to post this all year!!!!

 The first image in this post is the reason this post even exists.  One of our favorite part of weddings is trouble making grandparents.  Not only are they precious people, they are absolutely hysterical and they always hug us.  bonus!!  So an ode to all the elderly sass we encountered along the way this year.  We loved you grandma and grandpa or your precious generational influence even if you weren't grandma!  As for the first image these beautiful ladies were sneaking appetizers, thus began the idea to blog about these . 
They were stealing appetizers before the couple's announcement. They have crackers stuffed in their pockets.

He was tech savvy

He was also dance savvy 

She liked my camera :)

They danced and held hands almost all night.

Because it's simply lovely

loved this moment.

Still snacking...

When you're surrounded by Pomerantz men, you must smile.

All three women held hands, laughed like sisters all night. They loved Leslie and Michael so much!

They hugged us too.

Seriously, we showed them this pic.  They wanted to photobomb the next one!

He figured it out.

Seeing the bride for the first time.

Then she found the dessert table ;) 
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