Friday, November 28, 2014

Crockpotographer Part 2: It's CPR on a Biscuit

Confession: I have three crockpots. I actually only own two, but I stole one from my mom and I hide every time she comes over so she doesn't remember to take it back.  Yes, I'm that shallow.
Holidays are amazing and slightly difficult when there's a studio in the back of your house and brides and teens waiting eagerly on their orders.  Technically the day before Thanksgiving is a work day, but I did very little work. Sometimes, those two handsome men I have take priority and we achieve greatness in making snow cones instead of sales.
But I had fun finishing this up for Allyce!

Let's talk about surviving post Thanksgiving life.  For those of us who don't exactly LOVE being in the kitchen,  holidays call for a lot of food prep, which means a lot of kitchen time. So I say,  bring on some Ed Sheeran, a counter full of food and the dream of leftovers and not cooking for a week.

Crockpot idea for AFTER Thanksgiving.  Ready? 
4 Ingredients.
Leftover Turkey
Can of any cream soup. I like cream of chicken or cream of broccoli.
Canned Biscuits.
1/2 cup milk. 

If you're feeling extra feisty, throw a half a block of colby jack cheese in there.

Turkey in the crockpot
Mix milk and soup and pour over turkey.
(add cheese if you wish)
Let this set on low for at least 4 hours but can go for longer.

Time to eat? Put the canned biscuits in the oven until done and serve the turkey over the biscuits.
Delish.  It's a food revival!

Now here's two holiday gift ideas. One is very practical, the other is not at all.
Genius. You could do an appetizer, meal and dessert all at once!

You can order cardboard cutouts...of ANYTHING. You can even get one of yourself. Don't ask.

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