Thursday, November 6, 2014

What Good Are A Bunch Of Teen Girls Anyway?

I was gonna wait, but decided not to.  So you're welcome for two blog posts in one day.
When I'm not photographing or working on sixth grade math homework or working up wonders in the crockpot, I'm coaching a bunch of teenage girls through a soccer season.

Tonight was the awards night. We get together, make speeches, give awards and all such normal things. I give out awards and the teams give their coaches a thank you gift. Standard procedure.

But, tonight a bunch of teenage girls broke the standard.   No one scored any goals, we didn't celebrate a championship, but we did celebrate something very special.

I don't know how long it took them or how they did it, but  The Middleburgh Girls' Varsity Team stepped up to the mic and presented a check for over $1,000 to LOVE146.    
Love 146 is the organization that fights against child sex trafficking and it's a passion of mine.  That was my gift.

That's right. A team of high school female soccer players took this small community of Middleburgh and raised over $1000. No one made them do it. It wasn't for a grade or newspaper headlines. They just did it. They also threw in a bag of peanut m&ms.  ;)  To say they touched my heart would be an understatement.  I'm even more impressed they kept it a secret until tonight.
I love my girls in green, not just because they are good soccer players, but because they really are wonderful human beings.... teenagers or not. So, thank you my young girls. I love you. 
Thank you to all those who gave and donated. Check out the site when you have a chance and see who you have helped.

My girls in green.

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