Thursday, November 6, 2014

How Do You Get It All Done? Frankly, My Dear... I Don't

How do you get it all done? Work? Coaching? Family? Friends?  It's a question I get asked and I think it surprises people when I giggle.
How do I get it all done? Well, my dears, I don't.

We all have a superhero complex. It's easy to have. Someone posts about game night with their kids and we feel guilty because we didn't have time for game night and three bed time stories. Next up? Someone posts about their latest home improvements and we sigh because we haven't even vacuumed. Then, someone else posts one million and one posts about their kids accomplishments and ours is crying in bed after a bad day.  The life of comparison is a cruel one.  Stop it. We all can't do it all.

However, if you are still searching for ways to get it all done. I have provided a fool proof checklist from a me.

Just some tips from me on how to master the "idea" of getting it all done ;)
1. I overfill my dishwasher to embarrassing heights and pray that it all gets cleaned when I shove it shut.

2. I don't fold underwear.  We stuff it in the drawers and the first guest that comes to my house to complain about my unfolded underwear drawers will encourage me to change my ways.

3. I clean a little everyday, but I don't obsess over people finding my house untidy. WE LIVE HERE!  It's no HGTV commercial, but it's comfy and cozy.

4. I'm not a huge do-it-yourselfer.  I've hired out to have walls painted, I shop online and pick up my groceries and I even outsource some of my work (EEEEK!).  I don't enjoy gardening and canning and find little pride in going to 5 different grocery stores to find ingredients for food that I can't pronounce.  This is NOT to say, that if you are the opposite of all of this that it's wrong. I'm just OK with others being whole food geniuses and gardening extraordinaire while I'll claim the crockpot as the only way to cook :)

4a. I look at some things as "time is money".  Some people swear on doing it themselves to save money, I get that.  Other times, it makes sense to pay. Money can also be more time.... to beat your kids at Wii dance 4.

5. During soccer season socks and underwear can be found in the dryer. They are clean, that's all.

6. I work out. Sometimes, I watch infomercials on working out.

7. Beds don't always get made. I'm ok with that. My bathroom and kitchen are always clean.  I also just found the thank you notes I made my kids write for their Christmas gifts... in 2013.

8. We can ALL wear capes.

We ALL have things we are good at and things we aren't. The comparison of one life to another is silly. We are all great at some things and terrible at others.
 I'm really awesome at time management, I stink at remembering conversations and names.  I'm great at organization, but I throw out important papers...all. the. time.

I'm great with people on photo shoots and weddings, but ask me to return a phone call and it takes me forever to get around to it.

I could keep going. My point is this. Let's stop comparing lives.  Be great at what you are good at and let other people be great too. If we were all great at all things, this would be a very boring world.
Now go be awesome. 

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