Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Did You Hear?

Did you hear about those people who merged a business and called themselves happy about it?
I did.
Quite honestly, at first I was leery of them, you know how it is, people with new and innovative ideas are weird and kind of quirky.

However, this merging of ideas and producing art has led to three amazing divisions of a company named Amber J Photography.

When you click on our landing page www.amberjphotog.com.  You see Weddings, Senior Portraits and Epic Teens.

Two crazy girls (their names are Shelly and Amber, not protecting the innocent here!) had the idea to produce weddings together (and had the most ever this year!) and then specialize in teen portraiture.

This slightly insane, but thought provoking idea has infiltrated a coffee shop near you. So what the heck are we doing?  

Amber J Photography in the wedding world is seeing their largest publication in January 2015 (small shriek)

Amber J Seniors: Is in the middle of their model call for next season and found a home with some artistic seniors this year.  Though Amber J Seniors is new in the scheme of things, it's grown as an artistic entity for senior portraiture.  It's been an education experience for clients. We are not for everyone and thats ok, but we ARE for some amazing clients that have launched images we didn't even envision a year ago. Sometimes, you just get bring in an airplane or vintage vehicles and call it a normal day!  Oh we also produced our first Senior Magazine this year!

Epic Teens: A name that could also be The Lost Years.  Those quirky ages between 12-16 that rarely are captured professionally.  We all have our babies and toddler and seniors photographed, but then there's that vast emptiness that IS the early teen years.
Epic Teens is dedicated to that.  Giving young clients something different than a powder blue back drop or hugging a tree with an awkward chin tilt. Best yet, giving parents a memory to cherish.  We all know that children don't stay children for long.

By specializing in these areas we can offer awesome topped off with some phenomenal and served on  a tray of fantastic.  So, go check it out.

I'm going to go grab some coffee and find more crazy people to talk about :)

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