Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crockpotographer Part 3 : Just two...

It takes 2.  That's right, read it again.  This amazing recipe takes 2 ingredients. (3 if you include the bread)

 Everyone is different and not everyone runs a small business the same way.  When I first met Shelly we had NO idea we would actually be friends, let alone run a business together.  It was quite evident God had other plans.  She became ying to my business yang.
We also like photo booths

Our minds work in different ways and so do our personalities, her strengths are  my weaknesses and vice versa.  The best part is that we can both admit where we aren't strong and take on a humbled confidence where we shine.

Working together has brought on a different dimension for our clients.  They absolutely get two professional photographers, but they also get two friends who passionately love the work they do and each other. It takes two for this to work.  
back seat filled withs studio supplies and chocolate

We have been blessed to work with other professionals as well and this year alone has opened like castle doors swinging wide open to storm the gates.  God never made us to be alone (yes even us introverts need others), so in my world of work and friends I have found one of the best.

I do feel I need to claim the following should you choose to hire us :
1. At weddings Shelly always sneaks some dessert.
2.  We have huge qualms about dressing for comfort and professionalism
3. I lose all my go cups during wedding season
4.  We take great joy in watching people dance ;)
5. Please don't give Shelly any caffeine in any form
6. Shelly always likes the groom to dip his bride. She will ask you, beware.
7. I kill for a coke-a-cola and ice when I get to a wedding reception
8. We've only gotten lost once
9. We have telepathic communication during wedding ceremonies.
10. We are really excited about 2015. :):)
11. We can be bribed with chocolate and salt and vinegar chips.

Ok I'm done rambling.
Crockpot recipe to end all searching for crockpot recipes.
1 pound beef pot roast
1 jar green belle peppers

On low for 6 hours or 8.   Once cooked, shred it, stir it up and serve on biscuits or dinner rolls.
This is one killer recipe for large gathers like a Super Bowl...

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