Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Learned from Texas de Brazil : Exceed Expectations

Have you been yet? It's a new(ish) restaurant located in Albany and let's just say it's a carnivore's dream.

I can never fully shut off my brain. The business person in me was eager to eat there because I had heard about it, it was something different and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

They. Did. Not. Disappoint. 

So here's what I did expect:
I knew by the price of the dinner, I expected the food should (better be!) good. I hoped the atmosphere would mirror it's cost and give me something I wasn't going to get at Burger King.

There is always a time and place for a whopper on the run (sorry fitness friends!), but I wanted something way better than a drive through burger!

It was clean, professional and there was little confusion about the menu.  I don't place a high value in steak (I'm a pasta girl), but THIS was good stuff.  Shall we talk about the endless boat of mashed potatoes?

The tipping point of awesome was the wait staff.  The waitress didn't seem bored with her job though I am positive she has rehearsed her menu and introduction dozens of times already.  She as upbeat and happy and actually looked to enjoy what she did.  Everyone that approached our table addressed us with manners, clarity and REALLY GOOD FOOD!

Our waters were never empty and by the end of the meal a manager came over to make sure there were no complaints and that his wait staff was solid.

Done.  Worth the price. Worth the time. Worth the recommendation.

All that to say, I could have gotten steak or chicken from anywhere but the excellence in service AND taste AND atmosphere was more than I expected.

I aim to do that. I WANT to do that.  When brides or seniors come to me for their photography needs I want them to feel how I felt sitting at that table.  I want YOU to feel like you are my only client, my only table that night.  I want full on service that makes you realize you are special and that it matters to me that your experience is beyond anything you can get anywhere else.  I know you expect the photography to be good, it BETTER be good.  But I want everything about what we do to exceed your expectations.
So, here's to never letting your water glass be empty and perfectly grilled steak every time you order.

Stay tuned as we introduce our theme for this coming year!
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