Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pinterest Vs. The Wedding Photographer {A battle or a partnership?}

Oh the woes when an excited bride produces 50 million images of all the things she would like to see come out of her wedding day photography.  We (photographers) sit there watching an ecstatic reaction and gleeful smiles as every swipe left produces a perfectly captured and insanely beautiful wedding image from Pinterest.

We smile.
Our insides tie up a little.
We breathe.

We sit there toying with talking about reality and worrying about destroying such high hopes!

I have met several photographers who despise and are even insulted when Pinterest ideas are put on the table.  Don't be mad,  but a realistic approach to your wedding day photography will produce a happier you when you get your images back.

I don't hate Pinterest.  I find it's partnership interesting to say the least. This is where it's helpful.
1. Clear ideas of what YOU, the bride finds appealing
2. Colors you seem to gravitate to
3. Emotions You find endearing
4. Moments that  YOU find important
5. Your sense of humor
6. Your detail savvy
7. Other interests you may have (horses, wine, jobs, travel)

Education is MY responsibility.

We all laugh at the blog of Pinterest fails right? Check one out here and enjoy :FAIL


1. I'll explain what goes into setting up your favorite shot (A little education can go a long way!)  Sometimes the time commitment can be unrealistic for the pace of your wedding day.
2. Choose your absolute top 5
3. Now choose your top 2
4. Understand, your photographer will do all they can to capture every special moment.  Giving them too much direction may actually derail how talented they really are and produce a lesser quality of awesome.

As a couple you are unique and THAT is most important.  Use Pinterest for inspiration, not as a weapon fighting reality.   Your professional photographer will probably do you better than Pinterest :)

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