Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Most Precious Gift For Mother’s Day

The saddest moment of my job is when a bride or groom doesn't have a parent present on their wedding day due to death or strained relations.  It reminds me, we have one shot at this:

*Disclaimer: I know not everyone geographically can master this gift and I know family dynamics are not the same as my own so therefore, my blog is merely my thoughts for those that can.

They call me mom :)

Time. It’s such a simple word and it’s so so precious.
I write this as an adult who is mother and a daughter and there are millions of us out there balancing this crazy life.  How do you find the perfect gift? I don't know, every mom is different but there is one thing I feel most of them cherish. Time.

My own children are growing at lightning speed. Our obligations to schedules and middle school and friends and sports has grown by leaps and bounds. I laugh that I thought having toddlers was busy!  So time has become a precious commodity. I hope and pray my boys will also find time for me when they are grown.  I know there will come a day they will be away, they will have families and obligations and I will miss them dearly. I'll forever just want time with them. For those of us that can ( as adult children) spending time with your parents is a gift that only you can give.  It’s also a 
gift you can give your children.  

We are all so busy.  Busy eliminates time.  It’s been a big focus of mine this year with a business that has grown up and two kids doing the same, it’s been a learning experience to manage that time.  BUSY many times is a choice.    We can all take a small look at our lives and find a few things to let go of to make TIME more tangible.

INVITE: If you are an adult child, invite moms to be around, sometimes they just want to feel included in your busy life.  The intolerance of our older generation does make me sad.  I watch spouses struggle with their in-laws and children despise their parents and I am sad for them.  However, if it’s possible, invite your parents into your life and into the lives of your children if you have them. 
My bro with my mom and myself!

So Sunday will come and go and yes it’s one day.  One day to celebrate mom in whatever you way choose to celebrate.  If you can’t be there physically, I hope you make every effort to find time in the near future. Ask anyone who doesn’t have a mom to celebrate this year - how far would they drive or what would they pay to spend Mother’s Day together?  

As a mom, I love the cute gifts and hand made cards, but I LOVE knowing that Sunday I have my two little men with me. I will relish them and I’m sure at some point they will admit they love me too ;)

Drive. Call. Write. FaceTime. But give mom some time, it’s priceless. It can’t be bought, but it can be given.
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