Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wedding Photographer Confessions : What I really want to do with your dress

 I always find the first five minutes after arriving at the bridal suite on the day of the wedding is imperative.  I tend to leave camera's behind when I arrive and just take a few moments to acknowledge that I have walked into the inner sanctuary of a bride's friends and family.

The day has officially started: the photographer has arrived.

After the initial hellos I always ask permission to take the dress to have it photographed before the bride wears it.

Here's my confession:
I ALWAYS want to try it on. It's a fleeting thought, but oh just to see what it would like it.  I have joked with a few brides that that is what I am actually doing when I take the dress, but to this day I haven't. But oh the twirling!

I want to.

I do laugh. In reality could you imagine if the bride were to step out for a moment to see her photographer running around in her dress? Funny...to me.  Once again, a funny thought only in my head.

But just one time...?

Well, I'm glad I got that off my heart. (Secretly all 2015 brides are staring wide-eyed at this blog) I assure you, I won't try your dress on.
just one time?

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