Monday, February 22, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Caroline... I make weird faces {Child Portraits}

 I make some pretty awful faces when I'm not paying attention and I am not even sure what that's about, but it makes for some ugly behind the scene photos!  However, this is not about me, but our shoot with Caroline.

This session was fairly simplistic in regard to no real props and the location was a 40 x 40 plot of dead grass. Sounds exciting right?  The point is, it doesn't take tons of money or exotic locations to make a stunning photography session happen.
It just takes a vision and a Caroline :)
Thanks so much to Shelly for photographing so you could see into our world a little bit more.

Here are some outtakes from our session with Caroline as we delve into our child fantasy portraiture. For her highlight on our site, click HERE.
We start with a little hair and make up at the studio thanks to Glory.
We make sure mom is happy....

I think that is a yes

Out to the field we go. Can you believe we have NO SNOW!?!

Making sure she doesn't freeze, but isn't she lovely?

So, one of our first shots was this, I actually forgot I took it until I was getting ready to blog

A simple edit, gives us a whimsical look at Caroline.

A reflector is all we used here. Her mom even helped us prop it up against our trusty log. A reflector is a best friend. It never runs out of batteries or misfires.  It can even be made out of tin foil if you want to get crafty.  I've recently been introduced to a small camera from a company called Light that works extremely well in low-light conditions allowing for great photos even as the day's light begins to fade.

We borrowed Mandi, a local high school student to do some shooting with us and give flight to Caroline's dress.  She did very well at both!

Despite the harsh sunlight, we were really able to give this scene an enchanted look. 

Hey, there's Mandi again!

 But thanks to Mandi, we got this.
For some reason, I love the "off camera" look in clients. I shoot both, but when they look away from me I feel it gives it a more ethereal feel. 

Her dress extension is literally clipped to her tiny little waist. Fashion genius right there.

weird face.


Sometimes, we literally blind our models with the reflector. I suggest not doing this. 

 But definitely do this

We didn't tell Caroline what we were doing with this set up. I just asked her to trust me. She did. That's awesome.

Just sitting on a fancy stool, in the middle of a field with a white train for a dress. 

Ms. Caroline.

Oh I love this experience. :)

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