Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear Mom and Dad, can we talk for a sec?

I saw this posted the other day and it just hit me like the fresh smell of a good pizza when you are famished.  I read it a couple of times and I was like, yea I get it, these darn kids keep moving and the speed of light.
I admit, I resent it sometimes... for the love can a girl just get some couch time?
These moments will pass quickly and it will be graduation time and college visits as some of you well know!
So, mom and dad this whole senior portrait thing we have going on is about time.  It's not about the pictures you are getting, though they are pretty fabulous ;).  Every body in world can take pictures, says so.
 So why the heck would you spend money on senior portraits?
                                 You wouldn't. You shouldn't.

What you should spend money on is time, experience and a really fun few hours with professionals who know just how fast time is going.  More than likely, the next time a professional photographer will photograph your child will be at their wedding. 
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I watch my sons every day as they changes.  I do what I do because of my boys.  I do it because snapshots are one thing, the senior portrait experience is quite another.  The cap and gown will be stored away, the class ring will be off the finger before the first day of freshman year at college, the snapshots from someone's iphone will fade into instagram oblivion.
Images will last forever. We make sure of it.
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