Thursday, February 7, 2013

Looking for Rustic or Chic Barn Venues in Upstate NY?

So, I guess I can admit this. I LOVE weddings in rustic places featuring old farmhouses and barns. Perhaps it's because I grew up surrounded by these places when they were alive and fervent with a farmers way of life. 

Personally: Barn weddings have a certain entity to them that I have fallen for in a number of ways as a photographer or as a guest for that matter.  I did not grow up on a farm, but I spent a great deal of time on them as a child and a teenager. The nostalgia of the old farmhouses and the grandeur of the barns is something I have always been attracted to. It's somewhat sad to see some of those vivacious farms now quiet, but exciting to see them spring to life with a new purpose....weddings!

Professionally: There are a number of  Upstate NY rustic barn venues and I am on a mission to find some of the best.  These venues are in high demand by many brides and oh the possibilities with some of these beautiful places! You can be as rustic or as chic as you would like.  All that with a little bit of historic substance.

The Inn at West Settlement In Roxbury

Chic, vintage and all together lovely outdoor/rustic wedding

If you see or know of a venue I should feature, please message me ... especially if you have a contact name. 
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