Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Love Or Not To Love: This Has Nothing To Do With Photography

Valentine's Day invokes all sorts of reactions. The epic eye roll at the mushy sentiments being said between people, the bragging rights on gifts, the realization that you really don't like all those sorted chocolates, but don't want to admit it.  It also infuses sweet presents, poetry, cute messages and the sudden keen awareness that you want to love someone or that we are in love with love itself.

That sense of belonging is a powerful one.  To love or be loved,  to belong or not to belong.  I have a love/hate relationship with V-day, always have, but that is another blog post.  I think our need to belong to someone sometimes overpowers what love actually is, but irregardless love can take on many shapes and forms.  Whether you searching for love, finding love, letting go of love, the experience of it is what keeps us moving, admit it or not.

This week a student-athlete near us committed suicide.  A 17 year-old, handsome young man that was popular, talented, and ready to graduate in the spring.  No one seems to see any reasons this precious child felt the need to end his life last week.  He was loved, he was cherished, but why? 
I don't have the answer, but somewhere in this undulating life he felt he didn't belong here, he didn't feel loved.  I don't understand, but I do know this, it's our obligation to love.  To muster within us the will to love someone, to let someone belong to you, to reach out and find out who is right in front of you or travel the world and find love. Don't give up on it.

Today, if you are breathing in God's good air, feel loved. You belong.  A heavenly father looks down on us and just wants us to look back up at Him and allow love.  

Hug a child and feel loved
kiss a grandparent and unveil love
text a friend and < 3 some love
wink at a stranger and flirt love
whisper I love you and validate love
 write love and show the world
sing and give love harmony
say yes and give love a chance
walk away and give new love opportunity
love as you know it, not as our world defines it
Get down on your knees and simply accept love.

oh - and get a the red velvet latte - and TASTE love ;)
my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day. love :)

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