Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: It Only Takes One

I offered this advice to a friend just last week. "Not everyone will like what you do, you have to choose what best reflects you and go with it and not keep adjusting to everyone's likes and dislikes."
That's great advice for an artist right??

Professionally: The separation of emotion and business. Perhaps that can be done if you are, I don't know, an accountant.   But for anyone who has made a professional choice based on an art form or something they truly enjoy doing, that separation is an ironic notion at best.   On the professional side, keeping a level head to do business is half the battle. People will compliment and criticize; complain and sing your praise; tip you and question your pricing...and that's one morning. However, it's all part of this thing we call business interwoven with this other thing we called art. You just have to do it!

Personally: Great advice for a friend, but when I had to heed my own advice, I didn't like it.  It took one person to say something critical and I will admit, it ruined my day.  Not to mention when I went back and looked, over 35 people had written something sweet to me that day. 35!!!  35 wonderful things to 1 not so great one and that one drove me crazy.   I am still on that learning curve of dealing with the fact not EVERYONE will like what I do. (I can hear my own gasp on that one).  What? Yea, not everyone. Now, hopefully the majority will!  My style has come along, it's different, perhaps more on the whimsical side than the hard core magazine style. Neither is better than the other, just different.  I like different, but along with different will come some questions, perhaps even some dislike.  I'll deal with that.  Why? Because I just had a bride call and say she wanted me to do her wedding, because I was ....different.  :)

Inspiration point: Girl on Fire : Alecia Keys and Nicki Minaj

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