Sunday, November 18, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Workin' On It

This week has been a whirlwind. I spent more time in New York City and New Jersey than home and it was an interesting inversion of events.  I admit, I'm a homebody. I am much more comfortable to curl up on my couch with friends and family than take a night out on the town. So, to break loose of the structured and planned definitely catered to a slightly more spontaneous "me."

Professionally: This week I have been stretched and pulled in every facet of professionalism.  Downstate photography demands were an extension of my photojournalism background, while editing my last wedding of the year during my downtime. Throw in a few family shoots with small children and I have run the gamut.   It has also challenged time management skills (still working on that one), organization and the temptation to eat more nachos than normal to comfort my small stress levels.
Sandy...the aftermath.

this pic of me makes me looks like my feet are on backwards!
Personally: How to balance it all? I am still not sure. A lot goes on in this head and heart of mine. Sometimes it's easily communicated, sometimes it's not. However, the love of what I do is multiplied when the images come to life and a story has been told. I like stories. If I had nothing better to do, but write stories, I would invest endless amounts of time weaving words together in happy endings.  However, I enjoy the challenge of making images tell a story without using words.  That's why darn twitter is so impossible.. 140 characters or less? please!! Can't a girl get a paragraph or something??
Challenges make us stronger, belief makes us fly and love makes us crazy.
I admit, I can get overwhelmed, emotionally and professionally, but most of the time it's an overwhelming of all good things.  How can I not love that? It's like falling in love with crazy.

Inspiration point? Christina Perri (love this video) and every person who made me laugh this week- you know how you are.
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