Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Upstate NY Photographer: Why A Radio Reminds Me To Be Thankful

This little old transportable radio with the slightly broken antenna has been in my possession since the first grade. (Yup, that's kind of a long time.) However it's existence is my reminder to be thankful. It sits on my desk in my studio, ironically right above the stationary and pens I use to write thank you notes. Here's why its reminder is important.

Thank You.

Professionally: It's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with a busy business that you own. BUT! How great is that? It means I'm busy! A year ago, I had no idea what was to come of letting go of a full time job. Who knows what comes next, but it's always good to remain thankful. Thankful to my first clients who trusted me and who have returned. Thank you to those who have entrusted their wedding day to me and other major life events. Simple handwritten thank you notes and messages to anyone and everyone makes a world of difference.

Personally: The radio. It's a result of a Christmas wrapping fundraiser my school held when I was in first grade. The competition was to sell wrapping paper.  I don't even remember understanding what it was all about. My dad did all the work. He sold wrapping paper and earned me some major points at school.  Little did I know, I sold the MOST in the entire school. I earned the credit, walked up in front of the entire school and received the top prize. This brand new, portable radio...(so dating myself huh?)
I was excited. I told all of my friends. I carried that thing around like it was gold. A day passed and my mom pulled me aside and told me she was taking the radio away for a couple of days. Oh the tears. Why ever would she do that??  Because, she had told me, "never once did you thank your father for what he did for you". 
She was right.  I never said thank you. The memory is super clear. The radio survived middle school, high school, college, life. It sits here. I'm not sure it works anymore, but the function it serves supersedes the radio waves.  It reminds me to say thank you.

Inspiration point:
1 Thessalonians 5:18 - In every thing give thanks
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